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A few months ago I bought a standard guitar from MaxandBoyed Guitar Store along M.L. Quezon Highway. It’s where you can also find Guitar Master, World Class Guitars and more shops, it’s also the most accessible place to get your Cebu guitar as it’s along the main highway and you can see these guitar stores as you get down from the Old Mactan Mandaue Bridge. So anyhow so I bought one as my friend requested, she’s going to bring it back with her to Manila. She paid for it, I was just the errand girl, have to clear that out before anyone ask me to buy them a guitar too hehehhe
Mini Guitar Souvenirs from Mactan

The guitar’s original price was P1,600 but since I live close by they gave me a P200 neighbor discount heheh, so I end up paying P1,400 only. Now, a week after that I was at SM Cebu and I saw exactly the same guitar, same design, colors and markings. I suspect it also came from the same source but the big difference is the price, the one they sell at that SM Kiosk is price at P2,100. What can I say but you gotta pay premium as space rentals in SM malls are expensive. If you want to score a great deal in buying a guitar, head to Lapu-Lapu City.
Fast tracked to October 2011, me and friends from Laguna had this mini-tour around Mactan and one of our stops was the guitar factories in Abuno, Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City. Abuno is where you can find backyard guitar makers and shops as well as the well established and popular guitar factories of Cebu like Inday Celia’s, Susing’s Guitars and Alegre Guitars. We also visited a smaller player in Abuno Jerry’s Guitars they are almost adjacent to Susing’s and offers more affordable choices. I have written a comprehensive post on the New Susing’s Guitars when we visited it last summer. This time we spend more time exploring the guitar showroom of Alegre Guitars.
Alegre Guitar Factory Showroom in Abuno, Lapu – Lapu City

If you search online Alegre Guitar comes up often and rightly so as Alegre is very popular among tourists especially foreign tourists. It is where van-full of Korean tourist are usually brought to by their respective travel guides. Prices in Alegre are really expensive for the average Filipinos but I guess foreign tourists can afford them.
Poor tourist pa picture nalang hehhehe


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